Crossfit vs. Gym : Best Training Exercise

Crossfit vs. Gym : Best Training Exercise

The fitness industry is filled with options. Each of the fitness training regimen whether it’s simple or complicated has its set of strengths and weakness.  What is your personal goal? Are you an athlete who strives to win or just an average Joe who wants to be healthier that has a fit body? There is a diverse opinion when it comes to the best form of exercise between Crossfit and gym exercises. If you wish to improve your fitness level, Crossfit might be the perfect choice. These are set of intense exercises for: athletes, military personnel and any individual who wishes to be challenge during workouts.

Pros and Cons of Crossfit

  • You will reap the rewards of engaging in this sport. On the other hand there is potential harm in the form of minor injury when participating in this competitive sport. Some of the risks involves ruptured tendons, herniated discs, SLAP tears, overtraining syndrome and torn muscles. If you love what you do you will be willing to take the risks that comes with it
  • Crossfit is a test of your fitness level and a fitness program at the same time
  • This can be a good way to lose fat and build muscles at the same time. The rest periods are short
  • Works out these muscle groups: Legs, Back and Shoulder. This program works not just on your superficial muscles but your deep muscles as well. This means this form of exercise is good for your hearts and lungs too
  • You will learn cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
  • Crossfit will not make you look like a body builder though. You need gym exercises for that
  • Promotes an all or nothing approach where exercises are done in random. It is like being a Jack of All Trades of the exercise world
  • Incorporates aerobic exercise into the program like running. These are exercises that increases heart rate
  • There is risks involved in the programming of various compound movements like intervals of sprints with rowing
  • Crossfit wins in terms of camaraderie and support
  • Has negative feedback coming from people who cannot take the intensive workouts
  • Better known as Circuit training because of the intensity in the workouts

Pros and Cons of Gym Exercises

  • Targets each muscle of your body. Results in shaping and sculpting your muscles
  • Adds volume to your muscle mass
  • Each of the exercises involves a specific part of the body like for instance biceps, triceps etc. In other words you can do isolated movements to strengthen your muscles
  • Burns fats and calories making your muscles firmer. Reduces your body weight
  • May or may not involve a personal trainer
  • There is little uniformity because trainers have similar or different versions of what they consider as effective form of exercise
  • Builds bone mass among younger participants; preserves bone mass among middle aged and older adults. This means stronger bones for you
  • Strengthens not just the muscles but, forces the bone to adapt to the increase load from additional activities
  • Is considered to be working out on your natural “gifts” to enhance it or improve where gifts simply refers to your body
  • Focus on one to three body parts at a time
  • Gym exercises is known for being safer than Crossfit

These are not the same kind of program although both of these uses similar equipment like barbells. Some people transition from body building to Crossfit and vice versa for reasons of their own. If you are not obsess about having a well-formed body this makes the transition from body building to Crossfit easy. Some people are surprise why it costs a lot to enroll in a Crossfit gym as compared to a regular gym. It all boils down to the complicated process spend in training. The trainer spends more time watching you keep pace with the Crossfit program. Structured classes are made every day; all day. Crossfit is more competitive than ordinary gym workouts. Expect to be pushed through the edge of what you can do.

Whether you choose to go with Crossfit or gym exercises as a form of training you need consistency to get real results. If you hope to carry your training to the next level then Crossfit it the right choice. This program focuses on developing you to become a stronger and faster athlete or military personnel. You need to be prepared to handle the challenge. Gym exercises is synonymous with body building. This is for you if you want to keep your own pace. Whether your goal is to tone your frame or win an award in body building competition you have the last say. The only way to know which of these two forms of exercises is for you will depend on your goals. The common rule of thumb is that if you put your mind and soul into whatever you choose you can do it.