Stop Wasting Money on
“Sports Performance" & "Speed Training" Centers...

“Thanks For The Training” – Connor Barwin

“Thanks For Everything” –     JJ Watt

What If:
  • You were the player all the scouts came to watch and talk about at practices and games?
  • You made the opposing coaches game plan around you because you dominate every time you are on the field?
  • You could put the team on your shoulders when the game is on the line by being just as powerful at the end of the game as you were on that first play.
  • You were the athlete whose parents got to stand next to you on stage when you signed your athletic college scholarship?
Are You Sick and Tired Of:
  • Wasting countless hours and dollars at so called “sport specific” training centers in Houston with nothing to show for it?
  • Feeling like your chance to prove yourself is slipping by and you are missing your chance to show scouts and coaches exactly what you can do?
  • Being the athlete whose parents never get to cheer for because you never make it onto the field?
  • Wondering if you are doing everything possible to give yourself the best opportunity to play at the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, are finally ready to become a better athlete, build functional muscle, develop freakish strength, blinding speed, and unrelenting endurance, then Genesis is the place for you.

Genesis Is Different

Genesis was created because there was no place in Houston designed for the hardcore, extremely motivated, and dedicated athlete to take his game and athleticism to that next level.

At Genesis Athletic Performance, our Houston, TX Strength & Conditioning Coaches are focused on one thing…

Helping serious athletes like you develop the tools and skills needed to succeed in your sport.

Our Only Goal is to Turn You Into a BEAST on the Field

We GUARANTEE that our cutting edge programs create bigger, stronger, and faster athletes in far less time than traditional methods or other programs located around the Houston, TX area.

Our workouts consist of individualized training programs in a semi-private setting that allows each one of our athletes to get the exact training they need to become the best in a motivational and competitive environment.

We also take the time to understand each factor that affects our athletes each time they walk into Genesis. We always want to know what else our athletes have done that day, what they’ve eaten, how they feel, even how school and class is going.

By doing this, each program then becomes optimized to ensure that every athlete stays injury-free, healthy, and dominates anytime they perform.

To maximize our athletes results and instruction, Genesis Athletic Performance never allows no more than a 5:1 athlete to coach ratio.

At Genesis Athletic Performance You WILL:

  • Discover the REAL Truth About Sport Specific Training
  • Increase Your Chances of Making the Team or Getting a Scholarship
  • Develop Explosive Power
  • Make Rapid, Brutal Strength Gains
  • Increase Your Speed
  • Jump Higher
  • Hit Harder
  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Discover the Secrets of High Performance Nutrition
  • Ace the 40 Yard Dash, 5-10-5 Shuttle, Vertical and all Other Tests
  • Dominate Your Competition
  • And Much More!

Not Everyone is Accepted Into Our Program…

We care about our athletes first and foremost and won’t accept any athlete who isn’t motivated or willing to push themselves and others around them to become the best. This includes athletes AND parents.

We don’t have the room or time to work with an athlete who is lazy, rude, or loaded with excuses.

If you’re a parent who interrupts our workouts or tries to coach from the parking lot then you are not welcome here.

Rude and overbearing parents make every athlete uncomfortable and ALWAYS ruin the workout not just for their son, but also for the entire group.

We care too much about our athlete’s success and training to allow a lazy athlete, or a loud, arrogant, and demanding parent to become a part of the program and ruin it for everyone else.

If you are a SERIOUS professional, college, high school, or junior high athlete that is driven to reach your full athletic potential, then Genesis is where you need to train.


Memberships are billed only by EFT/Credit Card, so we can concentrate on training to make every athlete better, and less on collecting payments and bills.

For Junior High & High School Programs, There is a Minimum 3-Month Commitment…

If You Are Concerned More About Price Than Your Athlete’s Success, Then We Are NOT The Program For You

Membership Options:

  • Platinum Membership – Unlimited Coached Sessions per Week, Monthly Supplement Program, & Monthly Meal Plan Program
  • Gold Membership – 3 Coached Sessions per Week + Nutritional Coaching
  • Silver Membership – 2 Coached Sessions per Week + Nutritional Coaching
  • Bronze Membership – 1 Coached Session per Week + Nutritional Coaching

Athlete Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Extra Workouts – Outside of our coached sessions, all athletes have the opportunity to come in and perform extra recovery and beast workouts to help with athleticism and general weaknesses on their own.

Bonus #2: Open Gym – All athletes have access to the gym 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) to come get extra work in or hang around other dedicated and motivated athletes.

Bonus #3: Seminars & Events – Throughout the year, we offer seminars and events for our athletes to attend to help them continue to get better and never plateau. These range from competitions, guest speakers, speed or Olympic lifting clinics, etc. All enrolled athletes are allowed to attend these seminars and events free of charge, as non gym athletes are charged a fee to participate.

Please understand that not all athletes are accepted into our training program.

This ensures that only the most dedicated and serious athletes train here which allows for the best and quickest results possible.

If you apply when all spots are filled, you have the option of being placed on our waiting list.

If Your Competition is Doing Everything You Are… Such As:

  • Attending the Same Seasonal Speed Camps
  • Playing in the Same Summer Leagues
  • Following the Same Weight Lifting Programs You Follow in the Same High School or Collegiate Weight Rooms…

…then how are you going to gain that extra edge and dominate them?

But if you know that you have to train differently to become then best, then Genesis is the place for you.

If you are afraid of challenges, hard work, and success, then don’t waste our time and click off this website right now.

You might still get by, but eventually you will be beaten or benched by someone who out worked you and reached his full potential…

…or you can step up and click on the link below to schedule your FREE Consultation & Trial, and finally transform into the athlete who dominates anyone they compete against… the athlete who turns heads the very second he steps onto the field.

Genesis High School Wall of Fame


  • Bryce Peters – 1st Team All District (2012) | 1st Team All-District (2011)
  • Jacorey Warrick – 1st Team All-District (2012) | 2nd Team All-District (2011)
  • Dakota Upshaw – 2nd Team All-District (2012)
  • Cole Martin – 2nd Team All District (2012)
  • Daylan Skidmore – 1st Team All-District (2011) | 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Colton Huntsman – 1st Team All-District (2010), Honorable Mention All-State (2010)
  • Colton Beardmore – 2nd Team All-District (2010)


  • Bryce Johnson – 1st Team All District (2013)
  • Mark Hammel – 2nd Team All District (2013) | Honorable Mention All District (2012)
  • Riley Gossett – Honorable Mention All District (2013)
  • Langham Creek Varsity Baseball – District Champs (2012)
  • Hunter Lemke – 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Scott Stanley – 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Horacio Correa – 1st Team All-District (2010)


  • Zack Reese
    • 1st Place District, 1st Place Regionals, 2nd Place State 132lb Division (2013)
    • 2nd Place District, 3rd Place Regionals, 6th Place State 126lb Division (2012)
  • Jake Ekster
    • 1st Place District, 1st Place Regionals, 2nd Place State 135lb Division (2011)


  • Jenny Nash – 1st Team All-District (2011) | 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Audrey Garcia – 1st Team All District (2011)

“Tremendous improvement on the field… No other training like this in the city…” – Spencer Pyles – Football Parent

“Everyone can see how much his game has improved… The training has been a huge blessing…” – Jennifer Peters – Football Parent

“Last year he had trouble completing wrestling moves because a lack of strength…. This year he was the wrestler everyone was gunning for…” – Jeff Clayton – Wrestling Parent

“Added 12-15lbs of muscle… Became more stronger & explosive giving him more confidence in his performance…” – Kevin Waddell – Baseball Parent

“Scored one of the top Nike SPARQ combine ratings & ran one the fastest 40 times all season long…” – Terrence Tolden – Football Parent

“I got more powerful & explosive… Just what I was looking for…” – Jared Perry – Chicago Rush

“All my lifts have gone up… I’ve shaved a full tenth off my 40 in just a few weeks…” – Colby Goodwin  – College Football Athlete

“I wish I had a place to train like this in high school or even college…” – Robbie Weinhardt – Detroit Tigers Organization

“Gained 12 pounds, dropped 2 tenths off my 40, & increased my vertical by 5 inches…” – Colton Beardmore – College Football Athlete

“The training has paid off in the few months I’ve been coming…”Austin Wood Detroit Tigers Organization

“Put on over 10lbs of muscle… My speed, agility, and footwork has gotten faster… These are some of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done…” – Colton H. – College Football Athlete

“Since I’ve been coming my power, hitting, and arm strength has increased… I gained 10lbs of muscle in 3 weeks…” – Cory Hulsey – College Baseball Athlete